Maggie, Anna, Suzette, and Daisy

Maggie is wearing a three tiered party dress made out of vintage pink batiste and dotted swiss trim. I can just imagine how beautiful the dress that this trim came from was in its day.
This is a picture of Sassette, my Bleuette made by Sue Wing. I finally got her out of her traveling box and put a new wig on her.
Below is a picture of Sassette as she left Sue's house. I love her and she adds a new dimension to my dolls! She seems to be more active than the others.
The pictures below are of Anna, as she came to me from the world of ebay! I was so excited to receive her and welcome her to my Bleuette dolls. Daisy and Maggie getting dressed! Daisy's hair is up in curls. Her slip is from a 1937 slip pattern. I used silk batiste to make this very simple little slip. All my girls love their lingerie! Scroll down a bit for a picture of the slip. Maggie is made from the 251 mold.
Maggie and Anna!