Dolly Fittings

News from Claire Enloe - Wooden Shoe Factory in Holland, MI. PO Box 2102-------(616)396-6513.
I ordered 2 pair, one she assured me fit AG (6.98) 12 1/2 cm the other fits Sasha inside the shoe< but long (5.95) 10 1/2 cm, Joan C. (Thanks Joan!)
Fisher Price My Friends Dolls sizes:
(shoe sizes from Talinnas)
401 size 5
413 size 5
442 size 3
211 size 5
401 size 5
413 size 5
M04 size 3
299 size 7
238 size 5
223 size 7
219 size 5
Bitty Baby Measurements, from
I thought that others might be interested in Bitty's measurements too. Here are the measurements for my caucasian Bitty, Leia Denise, purchased a few months ago:
head circumference (measured around head just above eyes): 12 1/2"
chest (just under her arms):13"; neck to waist: 3 1/2"
neck to bottom of torso (crotch seam):7"; shoulder to wrist: 4 1/2"
wrist circumference: 4"; waist: 12 1/2" Measurements for the MyTwinn dolls
All measurements in inches
waist: 14 1/2
hips: 16
height 24
across bodice (armpit to armpit) 8
back of neck to knee 14 1/2
inseam 8 1/2

shoulder to wrist 8 1/4 Josephina's Mantilla Size (Karen;
"I don't know what the standard shape of a mantilla is but this one is like a triangle with curved sides. The long side is about 24" and the shorter ones, which are more curved, are about 15". They're really longer since 15" is measuring the straight line from the edge to the bottom of the curve between the two short sides. The distance from the midpoint of the long side to the opposite "point" is 9 1/2" and the comb is sewn in 2 1/2 " from the midpoint. The teeth on the comb are 1 1/8" x 1 1/8" and the crown 1" x 2 1/2"." by Karen.
(This is from Susan Payne) "Several folks have asked which Tallina's shoes fit the Ott dolls. Maggie and I went for a road trip today since UPS has pretty much halted Tallina's shipping. While there, we tried on every shoe we could think of to see what would work. Here is the list of the shoes and sizes that fit best."
First of all, for Ben: #211 size 3
For Ben or the girls: #413 size 3; #401 size 3; #915 size 1; #501 Size 3; #512 size 3; #514 size 3
For the girls: #SM04 size 1; S435 size 4; S445 size 4; S114 size 2; S223 size 3; S147A size 3; S173 size 3
This is what Susan Payne also sent for the AG dolls. These are all from the Tallina's Catalog. Here are the sizes for AG dolls:
style: 260 size: 3; style: 174 size:5; style: 281 size3; style: sm04 size:1; style: 002 size: 3
style: sm5 size: 1; style: 435 size: 4; style: 445 size: 4; style: 413 size: 3
style: 401 size: 3; style: 20 size: 2; style: 28 size: 3; style: sm40 size: 1
style: 238 size: 3; style: 266 size: 4; style: 915 size: 1; style: 114 size: 2
style: 120 size: 4; style: 223 size: 4; style: 147a size: 3; style: 173 size: 4
style: 299 size: 4; style: 918 size: 3; style: 205 size: 3; style: cowboy boots-size:3
This is what I have found to fit the dolls from Walmart, (which seems to be near everyone):
The white lace shoes (Syndee brand) in size Medium fit the AG dolls. These shoes come with ruffled socks. (They also carry a "Tennis Shoe Type" in white that fit the AG dolls in medium.)
The black shiny shoes (Syndee brand) in size Large fit the AG dolls. These shoes also come with ruffled socks. This same shoe also fits the Heidi Ott dolls. Hannah is wearing hers now and really looks nice!
The black shiny shoes (Syndee brand) in size Medium fit the Magic Attic Dolls!) The small white ones (if you can find them) would probably fit.
The best straw hat I have found is the one Fancy Frocks carries for $1.00. This is easy to sew onto and fits nicely.
Of course, all the catalogs and web sites usually tell which shoes fit the AG dolls.. it is hard to tell about the Heidi Ott dolls though. They have a more narrow foot than the AG dolls.
Talhinas new catalog just out, has all the sizes for the AG's now. There shouldn't be any problem ordering them. Most of the ones I ordered also fit the Ott dolls. The Mary Jane style with the buckles were the only ones that really didn't fit the Heidi Ott dolls.