Sasha's Capri Pants

This is a picture of the finished pants. They look so sweet on Sasha. I have a really cute Top and some more patterns to download that you can make to go with these pants. Just be sure to use a 1/4" seam! I had my machine set at a different seam width when I was sewing the crotch section on a pair of these and noticed they were not exactly perfect ( a little tight in the crotch). So with all my patterns, please use a scant quarter inch seam. (Pattern to download)

Make these exactly as you make the pants I have, except: (cut four)
1. Serge or zig zag long straight side (all four pieces separately). You will have four pieces with the long straight side serged or zigzagged. Make sure you do not cut any of the fabric off with your serger.
2. Now take two of the four serged pieces and seam a scant 1/4" on the long straight side, from dot to top of waist. You will be seaming right at the serger line, on the outside of the line. Do the same or the other pair. Make sure to backstitch at the dot to hold it in place.
3. Next press open your seam.
4. Serge or zigzag the hemline. Turn up a quarter of inch and seam hemline as shown in the picture at the left.
5. Now you can make the pants as you would any pants. Read the directions on the Sasha pants if you aren't sure how to proceed or email me!