Tights for Dolls

Tights and Pantyhose for Dolls

Includes Tights for: Cissy by Madame Alexander, Kitty Collier by RT, Bethany by Kish, Ann Estelle 10 inch and 18 inch, Sasha by Goetz, Sasha Toddler and Baby, Tiny Betsy McCall and 14 inch Betsy McCall. I could never find enough tights or pantyhose for my dolls so developed this pattern that makes the neatest Tights and Pantyhose! I give you step by step directions (pictures too!) for making these very necessary accessories for your dolls.
This pattern includes tights and pantyhose directions and pattern pieces for: Robert Tonner dolls, Ann Estelle 10 inch (Mary Engelbriet doll) or the other 10 inch Tonner dolls, 18 inch Ann Estelle, 8 inch Tiny Betsy McCall, and 14 inch Betsy McCall doll. Also Cissy (modern) by Madame Alexander, Kitty Collier by Robert Tonner (larger one not tiny), Bethany by Kish (11 inch doll), and the Sasha dolls, Sasha 16 inch, Sasha toddler, 13 inch, and Baby Sasha who is around 12 inches!
I made tights for the younger dolls, but Cissy being the diva she is, stomped her foot and said she had to have real pantyhose! So she is included with wonderful pantyhose!
You will find this pattern very easy to use. And you will soon be making tights and pantyhose to go with all your doll outfits, either for yourself to play with or to sell to other collectors!
Seamstresses can include a pair of tights or pantyhose with every outfit! A must have pattern for the serious doll sewer!

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