Dalfina's New Fall Ribbon Dress

Dalfina's new silk dress is just right for the fall! A present from India, this silk changes color with the light. I used the Ribbon Dress pattern from Bleuette's World Winter 2006-2007, Volume 8, Number 1.
I made the dress first, and then realized that Dalfina needed a cape and hat to complete her outfit. The cape and beret pattern came from Bleuette's World Fall 2005, Volume 7.
The coat pattern is actually a Spring Coat from LSDS No. 7, 1916. I did not line the cape since the wrong side of the silk is a beautiful bronze color and just as pretty as the outside. The pattern for the beret is Beret De Satin from LSDS No. 42 1921. The Robe De Rubans, Ribbon Dress is from No. 23, 1923.