Timeless Stitches

Timeless Stitches - Bleuette Aways in Fashion if a group of patterns from Bleuette's World. The first six patterns from La Semaine de Suzette are included. I have not made all of the items, but wanted to include the lingerie I have made from this wonderful set of patterns.
Dalfina always wears this lingerie set under her clothing. Her lingerie is all made of the finest silk batiste with the softest French laces and silk ribbons. Everything has to be lightweight since all this has to fit under all her outfits! This first outfit shows Dalfina's Chemise. There are tiny tucks in the neckline and the chemise is made from one piece of batiste that is sewn at the shoulder seams. All hems are tiny seams folded under twice so there are no raw edges. You cannot see the little "B" embroidered on the shoulder, but it is there in a thin outline stitch.LSDS No. 3, 1905
Dalfina's corset if No. 5, 1905. The pattern said to use linen or firm calico, but I used the same silk batiste for all of her lingerie from this set. The back is laced up and there are cords sewn on the bottom to attach the stockings.
Dalfina's "Drawers", I call them undies, are from 1905, No. 4. They have tiny little buttons and loops to close on the sides. I embroidered tiny flowers near the lace that gathers around the hem.
Dalfina's stockings are from LSDS No. 2, 1905. I used a soft, knitted fabric and embroidered little flowers up the side. You can see how the ribbons from the corset attach to the stockings in the picture below.